Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Experiencing the Wisdom of God Through Proverbs Day 6

Everyday wisdom from chapter 6

This chapter doesn't fail to give everyday advice on a variety of subjects. Have you ever wondered about whether you should be a co-signer for a friend??? Proverbs has some advise about that situation. Ever wonder if you should give your child chores and encourage them to be willing to work???? Take a look at what will befall someone with a spirit of laziness. Have you ever wondered if there are things that God really hates and abhors there is a list in chapter 6.

Has co-signing for the wrong person every put you in a mess?

Has the old saying that implies money can separate friends ever been a possibility in one of your friendships?

( Anyone who watches one of the courts on tv knows that money is always at the root of conflict. )

Is there an area of life that you are lazy and that you need to work on.

My confession would be "my laundry is piled high"and I need to get to it today.

Did you look on the list of things God hates? Do you have a problem with any of them?

One would think that list wouldn't touch a normal persons would just be for evil people....yet there are a few things on that list that our society wouldn't consider so bad...but obviously God does.


  1. a proud look..lying tongue...hands that shed innocent blood...wicked imaginations...mischief.. false withness that speaks lies...and discord among brethren
    These are what God hates so I will not participate, condone or ignore.

  2. Amen. That's is a list we cannot ignore.