Friday, October 1, 2010

Experiencing God's Wisdom Through Proverbs Day One

Day One: Read Proverbs Chapter One

Today we are starting a challenge that will change our everyday life if we will allow it too. We are going to read one chapter a day in the book of Proverbs. Whether this is your first time through this Bible book or your 100th the Holy Spirit stands ready to help bring about positive change and solutions in our everyday life.

Grab your Bible and notebook or go to chose a Bible translation and open up your word document so you can write down what you feel God is speaking to you about. Be sure and use the comment section on the blog and write your thoughts for all of us to be blessed helps to interact.

Chapter one is going to tell you why God wants us to walk in wisdom. It will confront us with the fact that fools despise wisdom and discipline...instruction is an insult to them. There is no one exempt from the need to seek God's Wisdom...let the wise become wiser and those that lack wisdom receive from God's Word.

1. What reasons do verses 1-7 give for acquiring wisdom?

Right off the bat our willingness to listen to godly people and the choosing our associations are mentioned.

2. What do verses 8-19 tell us about the power of incitement?

3. How does Wisdom Cry out to us. verses 20-33

Be sure and comment.

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  1. A wise man will is sometime hard to stop and quiet ourselves to be able to listen. The ability to humble ourselves to really listen to wise counsel can be challenging but I do not want to be labeled a fool. Even though it can be a challenge to make ourselves stop and listen, verse 23 gives us a promise "I will pour out my spirit unto you and I will make known my words unto you." Then go to verse 33 when God promises that I can dwell safely and live without fear of evil. All this when I take Hearing From God seriously and seek His Wisdom and Counsel! Father, I want to listen more and be willing to seek Your counsel for my safety and the ability to live without fear!