Saturday, October 23, 2010

Experiencing the Wisdom of God Day 23 "We don't live unto ourselves"

What makes a heart rejoice

My child,d]">[d] if your heart is wise,
my own heart will rejoice!
16 Everything in me will celebrate
when you speak what is right

Think about your life. Have you ever given cause for those who love you to have concern? Most of us will readily admit that their have been times when we've caused some worry to our loved ones. We don't live unto ourselves in this world though sometimes we might wish we did. The truth is not only do our actions affect those whom we may negatively influence....they also affect those who love us and are wanting us to walk in Godly wisdom. When we listen to the voice of God and walk in good things we actually are a cause of celebration to our loved ones. Think about that a minute. Our choices can cause celebration or concern. It doesn't matter how old or young you are...God wants us to remember we are connected. We all want our kids and those we love to do well...we want to be able to celebrate each other.

Life Long Learning

Commit yourself to instruction;
listen carefully to words of knowledge.

Commitment is a word with a bang. To commit is to agree to do something consistently. Many of us want to better ourselves and to obey the Lord, but that word commitment gets hard to do. It is not just a sermonett. Commitment requires daily discipline to follow through on what we've promised to do. If you've been reading your chapter in Proverbs everyday you have been participating in an exercise of commitment. All through our life we want to be learners. That only happens with concentrated effort and commitment.

What are you doing to increase in the knowledge of the Lord?

What are you doing to increase in knowledge concerning your job, your family, your church, or other things of interest to you?

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  1. Prov. 23:17-18 tells us not to be envious of sinners-- for there is an end and we shall receive our expectation. We want it and we want it now-- God will not forget us but He does all things in His time.