Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Experiencing the Wisdom of God through Proverbs Day 5

Have you read Chapter five of Proverbs yet? You are in for a surprise if you haven't! Recently my father has been commenting on a famous television minister who has been in the news because he has been preaching about martial relations and advocating an active relationship within marriage . Dad has watched the program with interest saying that older ministers would not necessarily agree with his speaking openly about such things. Yet here in the midst of our study we find God using the writer to address the same subject. Stay away from immoral women our author advises...speaking to those who are like his sons (women should understand the same principle....stay away from immoral men who are after one thing) they will lead you down a path of hard-ache. Drink from your own cistern or well verse 15 tells us....the NLT says, "...share your love only with your wife"

Ancient society didn't always honor women but here we see the Word of God telling men to be satisfied with the love of their wife...to be captivated by her love whether in youth or in older age. .. Clearly relating that marriage is to be taken in a serious manner and that love between marriage partners is to be taken as a covenant and with respect for each other. For a man to run around is said to be a disgrace...and neglects what could be if he would stoke the fires of his own marriage.

Singles may be groaning....well how does that help me. First it gives you a glimpse of just how good God wants marriage to be and second we can also glean that we shouldn't let anything take us from the love of God. To listen to this Proverb keeps both married and single folks from the traps of the enemy.

What has God been sharing with you the last few days.

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