Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Expereincing the Wisdom of God in Everyday life Day 13

Themes: The more you read Proverbs the more you see everyday themes. God uses these everyday themes to give us more and more insight as we read day by day. Finances, our mouth, discipline, being willing to listen to wise counsel,and laying out for us exactly what a foolish person acts like and so much more. Every chapter delves a little deeper and reviews.

Here is a verse that stood out for me as I read chapter 13.

3 Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything. NLT

This mouth theme keeps going on and on. Proverbs is every bit as upfront as the book of James in the New Testament on this theme. Think about it. Have you ever had your own words ruin something? Have they ruined relationships by lessening trust ? Have they caused you shame when you realized that you spoke out of turn and hurt the feelings of others? Have you spoken unbelief and doubt and caused faith to drain from your heart or the heart of others? Wow, heavy stuff to digest! It doesn't stop here either...Proverbs goes on with the good and bad of what can happen when we open our mouth. A long time ago some of our church ladies looked up every proverb that dealt with the mouth. What an adventure. Maybe you might want to do the same as you read.

Which theme or themes is God talking to you about? Take a minute to write them down in your notebook.

What verses stood out to you as you read today?
Take a minute and ask the Holy Spirit....What action steps do I need to take in this area?

Re-read some of the short verses that deal with the theme that Holy Spirit is speaking to you about. What guidance for change do they give?

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