Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Preparing for Walking through Proverbs: Experience the Wisdom of God in 31 Days 2010

We are excited about what God will do as we all participate in reading the book of Proverbs and allow the Wisdom of God to be manifest in our life. The Word of God is life changing. Reading the Bible can seem daunting to some, but taking this one chapter a day makes our challenge doable. Don’t stress out about whether or not you will be able to retain everything you read instead concentrate on obeying God through reading and simply allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart about your everyday life and how it relates to what you are reading. Whenever we commit our way to God there are changes to make…but those changes are always for our good. There is something special about committing with other believers in a season of spiritual discipline.

Here are some ideas to prepare for our Challenge before October 1rst.

  • Commit: Join with others in the Body of Christ to read a chapter a day of Proverbs. Sometimes picking a time and location to fulfill your commitment will help you form a habit. Click on the follow button on the right side of the blog.
  • Select a version of the Bible: Use your favorite Bible and grab a notebook to write notes or go to click on passage look up and type Proverbs and the chapter number for the day. has many English versions…you might enjoy looking them over to see which one will fit your needs.
  • Pray: Pray in faith believing for the Holy Spirit to lead you into truth and the wisdom of God.

Once we start

  • Comment Here on the blog: Each chapter will have a lot of truth and wisdom. As you read ask the Holy Spirit to help you to see those things that He desires to speak into your life right now. God may be speaking something else to others and reading and commenting on the blog will be another way that you can glean from the passage.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Experience the Wisdom of God in 31 Days 2010

Read through the Book of Proverbs in the month of October.

Proverbs is filled with God's wisdom for everyday living. Reading a chapter a day in the month of October will showcase the wisdom that only God can provide for your life. If you choose to accept this challenge you will learn what God says about a myriad of topics.

The first nine chapters are written as a father to his children. He begs as our Heavenly Father does for his children to listen to sound wisdom so that we will have a good life. Chapter 10 starts a section of short pithy sayings that contain wisdom statements which show wisdom verses foolishness.

Subjects of these sayings include finances, relationships, the tongue, wise men and foolish men, strife and contention vs. restoration and peace, instruction vs. refusal to hear. You might like to do a word study.

Join us starting October 1, 2010....leave your comments and notes of progress.