Sunday, October 3, 2010

Experiencing The Wisdom of God Through Proverbs Day 3

I hope you are enjoying your journey through Proverbs. Whether you are a seasoned Bible reader or new to reading its pages everyday it is exciting to read about God's wisdom and love for us. It takes discipline and dedication to fulfill the commitment but I know you can do it. If you fall (miss a day) get right back up and join us.

Chapter three has some verses that are favorites for many. The importance of listening to God's Wisdom and allowing it to be rooted in our heart is shown to be of such great importance that it will prolong a person's life.

Proverbs 3:4-7 is famous....and let's us know that we are not to depend on our own understanding.

There are things in the chapter that will give the favor of the Lord if obeyed , there are verses that deal with finances, taking correction, and relationships with others. Everyday life is all over this chapter.

I pray that the Holy Spirit speaks to you about an area that will benefit your life. Remember He may deal with one person about one section and another person with another section. Take a minute and pray about the chapter and you'll be blessed as God begins to speak to your heart about how the Word can take root in you.


  1. Mercy--bind mercy and truth about my neck. Lord, I want to learn to extend more mercy so that I can find favor. I must acknowledge your way if I want to walk the right way. I love honoring You with my substance for You are faithful. I thank you so much for giving me sweet sleep without fear. You are so good to me! I thank you!

  2. Hearts...Amen. Sometimes we want the favor of God but we don't understand what it means. When I read your post I couldn't help but remember the mercy the Lord has shown to me...and with that in mind it makes me want to learn to extend mercy all the more to others.