Saturday, September 25, 2010

Experience the Wisdom of God in 31 Days 2010

Read through the Book of Proverbs in the month of October.

Proverbs is filled with God's wisdom for everyday living. Reading a chapter a day in the month of October will showcase the wisdom that only God can provide for your life. If you choose to accept this challenge you will learn what God says about a myriad of topics.

The first nine chapters are written as a father to his children. He begs as our Heavenly Father does for his children to listen to sound wisdom so that we will have a good life. Chapter 10 starts a section of short pithy sayings that contain wisdom statements which show wisdom verses foolishness.

Subjects of these sayings include finances, relationships, the tongue, wise men and foolish men, strife and contention vs. restoration and peace, instruction vs. refusal to hear. You might like to do a word study.

Join us starting October 1, 2010....leave your comments and notes of progress.

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